Metonym is an annual publication of William Jessup University's undergraduate English program located north of Sacramento, California. Staffed by students, our literary journal is a yearly, periodic collection of original fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art.

As the title implies, it is the hope of all the staff past, present, and future that the journal itself becomes synonymous with great art. With eight journals under our belt, the current Metonym staff could not be more proud of its past, or more elated about what is in store for its future contributors and readers. As always, our aim is simple: Publish the best, and let great art speak for itself.

Metonym has expanded in its staff size and diversity as it has grown, and as an array of backgrounds and majors have joined the journal, it has become a profound learning experience. It is here that students not only grow in their knowledge of literature and publishing, but in their knowledge of truth as well.

Metonym has always done its best to have a mission statement that is flexible and broad enough to include within its scope: A search for meaningful and quality work. The staff of Metonym believes that great art worthy of publication must say something profound and meaningful about the human experience. The art that reaches down into the belly of its reader (or viewer) and stirs something that has been long dormant is the kind of art that we hope to publish in Metonym.