Volume IX Is Coming

It’s been a while, but we have some very exciting news coming your way: Metonym’s Volume IX is on its way to the printers very soon (as in, within two weeks)!

We are going to use this blog as a way to share what we have done with the journal and what you can be expecting in our latest edition.

The Theme of Reflection

This year, Metonym received nearly 800 submissions. With a staff of nine people and our main goal to read every single piece (which we did), that turns into many, many hours of reading and discussing pieces.

An overarching theme from the pieces brought to all of the editors’ attention was that of reflection and contemplation. We were able to spot it through the pieces we rated highly, and so for the first time ever, Metonym has a specific theme.

This theme should allow you to better read the journal and take away from each piece whatever the author wants you to read. The order of works has been meticulously crafted to ensure that each piece is complemented by its neighbors on the pages.

A Continuation of Our New Look

Last year, our Editor-in-Chief Eva Huebner created a journal layout akin to a masterpiece. It was clean and bright with sharp edges but soft colors, and we loved it. The continuation of this look reflects the consistency of Metonym’s dedication to bringing you quality, well-written pieces of literary genius and high artistic standard.

This year, we made slight adjustments to the margins and how the artwork is spaced throughout the book, but the layout remains the same. We hope to continue this layout for a few more years, and we hope you love it just as much as we do.

Just a note: The photo above is not our final cover, as we are planning to unveil it when we receive the books from the publisher later this month. This is the first proof we have printed and pored over, and it has seen a lot of love in the past week.

A New Letter from the Editor

We thought it was time that the Editor in Chief wrote an introduction to the journal to prepare you for the literature that lay ahead, so we went ahead and did that. This allows the Editor in Chief a space to welcome readers into the journal and invite them on their shared literary journey.

In the past, a letter from an editor on staff was written and put in the book as more of an essay. We liked this for our prior journals, but we want the experience to be personal. After all, your time is important, and you are contributing a couple hours to read all of these authors’ works.

We are so excited to share this journal with you and look forward to inviting you to our annual release party soon. Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments!

Take care.