Metonym 2019 Staff




Alyssa Mielke, Editor-in-Chief

Alyssa is a senior studying Professional Writing at William Jessup University. Since she was a young girl, Alyssa has gleefully corrected all grammar mistakes she encountered with excitement akin to finding buried treasure. When she is not exploring the outdoors or doing homework, Alyssa can be found searching for neighborhood cats to befriend. She aspires to become a journalist.


Caleb N. Gonsalves, Poetry Editor

Caleb is a senior at William Jessup University. He is working on getting dual Bachelor’s in English and Christian Leadership. After Jessup, he hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in Library Science and become a librarian. Caleb enjoys stories and finding different ways to convey them, whether that's through books, movies, poetry, or TV. He spends most of his free time with friends (you can often find them watching tv, playing board games or taking late night trips to Dutch Bros).


Chloe Tomes, Prose Editor

Chloe is a senior at William Jessup University studying English with a concentration in Literature. She is an avid lover of books but is most likely to be seen at the movies if she has any free time. Both the movies and the books she consumes has given her a greater appreciation for storytelling and a heated opinion on the statement, “The book is always better than the movie.” She aspires to be an editor for Young Adult novelists and travel whenever her bank account allows it.


Kayla Hadjiandreou, Submissions Editor

Kayla is a junior at William Jessup University who enjoys studying creative writing, grammar, and literature. Right now, she’s working on her first novel, influenced by western and sci-fi genres. Her favorite writing spot is La Jolla Beach in San Diego. Along with the outdoors, her inspiration comes from stories like Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Her goal during and after Jessup is to grow in love for English and others.



Donnie Hedrick, Art Editor

Donnie Hedrick is a multi-talented videographer/editor from San Luis Obispo, CA. Being creative and telling stories is his life. He has written and directed three short films so far and has over 8 years of experience using different editing software. He also writes and produces music. He studies cinematography and plans on getting his Master’s in video editing after graduating.


Cheyanne Larinan, Social Media Editor

Cheyanne is a Santa Barbara raised writer of mixed descent. Having exactly one work published in last year's journal, she is proud to call herself a writer. She is this year's social media editor and looks forward to engaging the community. You can catch her obsessing over the second Robin, Jason Todd.


Cooper Allen, Reader

Cooper is a senior at Jessup and is majoring in English, minoring in History, with the hopes of working in the field of publishing fiction. Some of his favorite authors, who inspire him with their unique writing styles, are Chuck Palahniuk, Haruki Murakami, and Kurt Vonnegut. He enjoys reading, writing, and watching the Sacramento Kings try to make the playoffs. In his second year of Metonym, he hopes to become a more careful reader and learn from other great writers who submit their works.


Hunter Leonard, Reader

Hunter is a junior studying creative writing at William Jessup University. He hopes to eventually become a published author in either the form of fantasy or contemporary fiction. Along the way, he hopes to obtain his Ph.D. and become a professor of English or Theology. A majority of his free time is spent reading fantasy or dabbling in other genres.


Abby Petree, Reader

Abby is a senior studying literature and creative writing at William Jessup. You can find her in her spare time reading anything from classics to fantasy to YA contemporaries. Her other passions include long walks, musicals, punk rock, and tea, all of which inspire her every day. She hopes to someday teach English and write in her spare time.

Jordan Scott, Reader


Jordan Scott, Reader

Jordan is a senior at William Jessup University who obsesses over straight A’s, fictional characters, and plot holes. She is currently working on a young adult science fiction novel. Usually she doesn’t have time for anything besides writing, editing, and doing homework, but on the occasions she does, she’ll listen to movie soundtracks, buy sugary mochas from Dutch Bros, and play Crash Team Racing, Mario Kart, or Luigi’s Mansion.