Metonym 2018 Staff



Alyssa Mielke, Editor-in-Chief

Alyssa Mielke is a junior studying Professional Writing at William Jessup University. Since she was a young girl, Alyssa has gleefully corrected all grammar mistakes she encountered with excitement akin to finding buried treasure. When she is not exploring the outdoors or doing homework, Alyssa can be found searching for neighborhood cats to befriend. She aspires to become a copy editor.

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Jared Miller, Poetry Editor

Jared Miller is a senior at William Jessup University and is entering his second year in Metonym. He studies English with a concentration in teaching so that one day he can stomp around a classroom, attempting to communicate the importance of literature to apathetic high school students. He enjoys his college classes, dabbling in creating and performing music, and, of course, reading and writing. He supplements his pleasure-reading by scanning thousands of poetry submissions on the Metonym team, finding each one a gem in its own right.

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Chloe Tomes, Prose Editor

Chloe Tomes is a junior studying Literature at William Jessup University. She is an avid lover of books, but she also adores music, theatre, and photography due to their ability to keep her inspired. She grew up with a passionate love for all things Disney, which in turn gave her a love for storytelling. She aspires to be an editor for Young Adult novelists and a stage manager for theatre in her free time.

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Kayla Hadjiandreou, Submissions Editor

 Kayla Hadjiandreou is a junior currently studying English at William Jessup University. She hopes to become an editor and work with Young Adult fantasy/science fiction authors, as well as write a similarly themed novel of her own. Avatar: The Last Airbender, DC comics, and Star Wars were some of her childhood inspirations and continue to be driving forces of creative fuel for her today.


D'Andrea Williams, Social Media Manager

D'Andrea is currently a sophomore attending William Jessup University. She loves being involved in campus life and is involved in Jessup Concert Choir, is a student ambassador & works in campus events. She loves to go to the beach and absolutely adores burgers. Her long term goal is to be a psychologist with a concentration in multi-cultural studies. 


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Cooper Allen, Reader

Cooper is a Junior at Jessup and is majoring in History and minoring in English with the hopes of becoming a high school teacher. He loves reading, watching cheesy horror movies and playing basketball. He is unnecessarily obsessed with the Sacramento Kings and hopes that someday it won't be embarrassing to be a fan. He joined Metonym in order to get in touch with the literary creativity around the school and engage with interesting people. 

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Evan Campbell, Reader

Evan Campbell is a senior at William Jessup. He studies English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He is planning to get his Masters in Teaching English. He is looking forward to sitting in front of college classes extrapolating the profundity of human experience expressed in creative literature. He is the drummer of an experimental indie punk band, loves writing in his free time, and hopes to publish several novels in the future.


Tice Damigo, Reader

Tice Damigo is a junior studying Environmental Science at William Jessup University. Although his passion is for environmental conservation, he has a deep love for strategy-based card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. In the little time he isn't daydreaming about playing either of those games, Tice is most likely longboarding to his next class and/or singing something from a musical.

Nikki Weldemere, Reader

Nikki Weldemere is a senior who is studying English at William Jessup University. She grew up with a love of fiction and grammar rules. If she ever spots a grammar error, even a spoken one, it will be ruthlessly corrected. Her passions include languages, traveling, photography, and writing stories to entertain herself and the masses. 

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