Metonym 2017 Staff


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Amanda Hawkins, Academic Overseer

Amanda Hawkins teaches English and works as adviser for Metonym at William Jessup University. Her poetry has recently been published or is forthcoming in Tin House, Orion, The Missouri Review, Crab Orchard Review, Flyway, and others. In her former life she has written a food blog, studied sacramental and feminist theology, and baked more fancy cakes than is healthy to admit. Her students never cease to astonish and inspire her. Especially those in Metonym.

Eva Huebner, Editor-in-Chief

Eva Huebner is set to finish her History BA with a double minor in English and Bible and Theology in the spring of 2018 from WJU. After four years of high school yearbook, she knew that her time publishing and curating books had just begun. She has been on the staff of Metonym since 2014 and has served as Editor-in-Chief since 2015. Though poor spelling has plagued her from a young age, she can identify a double space from across the room. Poetry and photography are her favorite forms of art to review for the journal, but generally she can never resist an invitation to a bizarre film.

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Keith Cook, Executive Editor

Keith Cook is "enjoying" his senior year at Jessup, and is looking to finish his double major in Music and English in Fall 2018. This is his second year on staff at Metonym, where he has made it his own personal responsibility to liven up the class with his oft poorly timed "witty" remarks. Keith is a writer of poetry, short stories, essays, and music; and in his spare time enjoys reading philosophy and contemplating the deeper mysteries of metaphysics and life. He hopes someday to do something noteworthy, and not die having only left a tombstone as reminder to the world that he was in it.

Alyssa Mielke, Managing Editor

Alyssa Mielke is a sophomore studying Professional Writing at William Jessup University. Since she was a young girl, Alyssa has gleefully corrected all grammar mistakes she encountered with excitement akin to finding buried treasure. When she is not exploring the outdoors or doing homework, Alyssa can be found searching for neighborhood cats to befriend. She aspires to become a copy editor.

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Moriah Joy, Productions Editor

Moriah Joy is pursuing a degree in professional writing, which she hopes will further her career in the literary world.  She serves as Productions Editor at Metonym and as the Editor in Chief for Jessup's branch of The Odyssey.  Her poems, "I Will Stand" and "Sitting With My Therapist", have appeared in Creative Communications: A Celebration of Poets.  But ultimately, she's just a girl interested in culture, relationships, and anything purple.


Kaila Reader, Prose Editor

Kaila Reader is a senior at William Jessup University studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing. With a literary last name like Reader, she couldn’t help but grow up with a love for books. Her fascination with story was sparked by the stories her dad told her as a child. She aspires to become an author and share the magic of story with others.


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Alexandria Lockard, Visual Arts Editor

Alexandria Lockard is currently a senior at William Jessup. She is on the last leg of completing her college degree and hopes to become an English teacher. She manages Metonym's Instagram account and enjoys seeking out new artwork to feature in the journal. Like any stereo-typical English major, she enjoys long draughts of coffee and reading novels or poetry with her cat, Fiona.

Jared Miller, Poetry Editor

Jared Miller is a junior at William Jessup University. He studies English with a concentration in teaching so that one day he can be both hated and loved by his high school students. He enjoys his college classes, listening to angsty punk rock, dabbling in creating and performing music, and, of course, reading and writing. He serves as the poetry editor on the Metonym team.



Kayceline DeGuzman, Marketing

Kayceline DeGuzman is a sophomore at William Jessup University. She is studying Human Biology and aspires to become a general doctor in the army. She loves reading, writing, playing the ukulele, and painting. Her favorite, slightly dangerous hobby is to go cliff diving on hikes. Surprisingly, she hates rollercoasters and cake, but loves pickles and watermelons. She joined Metonym because she thought it was a science class… (awkward), but she loved the staff and the class was interesting, so she decided to stay.

Dildeep Singh, Marketing

Dildeep Singh has been studious and academically minded since Junior High. He is studying biology which revolves around a pre-med track in hopes of becoming a doctor with a focus on helping others. He has enjoyed his time at Jessup so far, and has found personal and academic success in his time at Jessup and hopes to continue to grow by exploring new avenues of learning. He is of American and Punjab (the land through which five rivers pass through in India) descent. He sees Metonym as an outlet for him to see the artwork of talented individuals, which he finds enriching to his personal life.


Logan DeSilva, Assistant Editor

Logan DeSilva is a graduating senior obtaining his degree in English. He plans on pursuing a graduate degree in Rhetoric and Composition after Jessup and achieving his goal of becoming a teacher. He is defined by his love and hatred, respectfully, of green and red grapes as well as his late night, precision theory-crafting on the reality of Apple’s updates to your iPhone successively making your device slower. He relishes the character development in literary works exemplified in his favorite shows, Breaking Bad and House of Cards. He also has a Harry Potter themed bedroom and has recently exposed his omniscience in all things Harry Potter to those foolish enough to challenge him. The prize you ask? His student loan debt to date.